About Us

Mission & Why It Works

Mission Statement

Changing lives for the better one Aircraft Maintenance Technician at a time.

Why It Works

H and G Consulting is driven to change lives for the better by helping to train a new generation of Aircraft Maintenance Technicians. We combine written test emersion with oral and hands on preparation to better prepare students to become Aircraft Maintenance Technicians.

We assist public and private institutions in implementing Aviation technical programs. Develop curriculum and syllabus as well as train instructors and staff in daily operations in part 147 schools.

We assist in finding solutions in Aviation sector employee training, labor relations, and implementing lean programs.

We assist in finding financial solutions to funding Aviation programs through grant writing partners.

Meet the Team

Heather Brackin

Mrs. Brackin is a successful professional with 28 years of experience in Medical billing with specialized skills in Accounting, Bookkeeping and Office Management. She is currently the President/CEO of H and G consulting associates. She demonstrated her leadership, oversight and expertise by setting up two complete medical offices during her time in the industry with no supervision. Strengths include executive presentation, environmental consultation, stakeholder management, project management and implementation, cross-cultural team leadership, and critical thinking. Background reflects advanced training in medical management, environmental management, and critical thinking. Proven record to quickly identify environmental inefficiencies and drive cost efficient solutions to safely protect the environment.

Glenn Brackin

Mr. Brackin is a successful aviation professional with 38 years of experience in Aviation Maintenance with specialized skills and training in Avionics, Electrical & Instrumentation, maintenance and repair. Demonstrating leadership, project oversight, and expertise in the repair and maintenance of cutting-edge Avionics, Electrical & Instrumentation for the US Military. His background reflects advanced training in leadership, organizational development, quality and operations management backed by degrees in Human Resource Management, Avionics ‘Technology and Business Administration. Strengths include thought leadership, cross-cultural team leadership, stakeholder management (internal/external), executive presentation, consultation, project management and implementation. He has a proven record in employing appropriate teaching strategies in both classroom and laboratory settings. Advises College administration and prepares and develops curriculum, evaluates, and revises as needed

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